Next Sprinter      

Available on the App Store Next Sprinter app quickly shows you the Sprinter schedule for the station nearest your location. It starts up with the nearest station and shows the next few trains leaving from the nearest station. You can switch to any other station to view a different station's schedule and you can scroll the schedule to see earlier or later trains. The correct schedule day is auto selected but you can look at other day's schedules too.

It can also bring up a map to give you directions to that station from your present location. You can select another station to see when the next trains leave from there. Automatically shows trains available based on date and schedule, including holidays. Supports English and Spanish.

New in version 1.2 (2/21/2011)

  1. Updated to January 2011 Sprinter Schedule.
  2. Swipe left or right in blue station name box to switch to another station (or tap near left or right end of the box)
  3. Tap in center of blue station name box to reset to nearest station and today's schedule.
  4. Tap the left quarter of the blue station name box for next station to west (same as swipe right).
  5. Tap in right quarter of the blue station name box for next station to east (same as swipe left).
  6. Larger, easier to read schedule and time display.
  7. Today's date now displayed.

  1. Next train highlighted in white
  2. Past trains are in red text
  3. Window scrolls to show entire days schedule
  4. Click East or West arrows to look at other stations
  5. Click Map to get directions to a station

When you tap "map", it brings up Google maps with directions to the selected station. The green map pin is your current location and the red map pin is the station. This sample map shows how to get to the Nordahl Road station from over on Simpson Way.
screen shot of map

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