Next Train Free      

Available on the App Store Next Train app (formerly Next Sprinter) quickly shows you the Sprinter or Coaster train schedule for the station nearest your location. It automatically selects the nearest station and the right schedule and shows the next few trains leaving. You can browse the schedule for other stations or other days of the week as well.

It can also bring up a map to give you directions to a station from your present location. Automatically shows trains available based on date and schedule, including holidays.

New version 2.0 (4/1/2011)

  1. Added support for the Coaster train line.
  2. Next Sprinter is now called Next Train.
  3. Previous Next Sprinter users will get the Sprinter line free.
  4. Next Train app is now free and full support for each train line can be purchased in the app.
  5. Free users can view only today's schedule for the nearest station only.
  6. Added slider that shows the train stations and your location.
  7. Added "Auto" flags that indicate when Auto station selection and Auto schedule selection are active.


  screen shot of map

Previous versions:

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